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Couch to 5K
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Week 2 about to be completed

So as you know I was doing couch25k at Home last year, did ok, then fell in the ice, so I started again 2 weeks ago, but this time I’ve joined a running club, and doing it official so there’s no backing out, and we finish with a 5k park run that our running club take over for the day and cheer for us all and help us!! Nervous is how I’m feeling.

I’d decided before xmas I was starting when they did on Jan 7th,regardless of the weather etc, and it turned out that week I had a full on bad cold, chest infection and tonsillitis, but I went, I’d never be anymore unfit and I had nothing to lose. The support was amazing, and today is day 3 of week 2, I’m very unfit so it’s hard somedays, but I’m doing it, the thought of ever running for 30 mins is scary as I honestly don’t think I will be able to, but I’m trying

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Brilliant! Well done! You don't have to think about the 30 minutes yet, and when the time comes you'll be ready. So great that the running club is so supportive! Good to have you back here.


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