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Couch to 5K
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Thinking of doing C25K?

While this is all fresh in my brain I'll share my learnings from the process, as they would say in management speak, for anyone out there who is thinking of doing this:

1. You are ready. If you can put your hand on your heart and say "I am a couch potato" then you have passed the entrance exam with flying colours. No further research or purchase necessary, just download the app and you're good to go.

2. You don't need permission. Outdoors does not just belong to dog walkers, lycra-clad lovelies, psychotic boot campers or yummie mummies with strollers. It's yours as well and you can go round the park starting and stopping with your new friend Michael Johnson (or whoever you choose) as much as you want. No-one will care or even notice.

3. Trust the programme. If you're like me you won't be able to resist a sneak peak at the schedule, at which point some of the future runs might look a bit...challenging. But they wouldn't be there if people like us couldn't do them (see point 1) so why worry? All the thinking has been done for you.

4. Smooth the path. Remove all obstacles to getting out the door by having everything you need laid out the day before you run. If one day you are a bit dubious about whether you are going out or not, put all the gear on anyway and then see how you feel.

5. Treat yourself. Running is a cheap hobby so if you have a few spare pennies or a birthday coming up why not load up on fitbits and headphones and bright clothing and whatnot? They won't make you run any faster but if they make you feel better than that's all going to help.

6. Have fun. This isn't one of those supposedly effortless fitness programmes like they promote on the shopping channels--but it's a very well-structured and enjoyable process, not an SAS punishment drill. Guilt and self-denial are highly demotivating but curiosity is almost impossible to resist. Why not find out if you can do this?

7. Become an active member of this forum. No experience is too trivial or daft to be shared, no query too inane for the good people round here to answer. We all love you already...what was your name again?

Bon voyage!

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Agree with every single point, Couch to 5k was the single best thing I did last year.

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Well written, and great content.

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Well said Mick😊x


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