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Calf issue

Hi all. Started couch to 5k a few weeks ago but now have to stop as calf is in too much pain to run and been limping about walking . Do I rest it until completely better ? Can I do other exercise at gym on cross trainer or AMT or something or what ? This is all new to me . Very frustrating being held up from going to the next week . Any advice would be great . Due to start week 4 when all is ok or maybe should go back to week 3 before I continue

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I am half way through my second attempt at the program at the moment. Just completed Week 5 Run 3 this morning. I have historically had calf trouble, and on my first attempt I got this far, but was having to stop half way through runs to stretch the calves out as they felt like they were being stabbed.

I have since seen a podiatrist who has analysed the way I run and given me inserts for my trainers. I completed the 20 minute run this morning with no pain and am looking forward to completing the program.

If the pain persists it may be worth seeing somebody as it has definitely helped my situation.

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I suffered a calf injury on the first run of week 9, after doing the previous weeks without any major issues. I was 3 minutes into the run and it just went TWANG. I hopped to a stop and couldn't walk on it.

I rested it for about 10 days and managed to do run 1, but then on run 2 I felt it twinge again and had to stop. I rested it over Christmas and almost 3 weeks after first attempting run 2 I managed to complete the rest of week 9.

So, I would say rest it until it feels 100%, otherwise you'll just make it worse and extend the recovery time.

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