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Camino de Santiago hike/run

I've been hiking in Spain a lot over recent years (2500 km last 3 years) and due to a recent spell of unemployment I have the opportunity to go do a mega hike from Seville to Santiago (via Ovieido ) approx. -1300 - 1400 km in early springtime. Now, as I'm just (barely) a c25k graduate, this will blow a big hole in my 10k dreams for early to mid 2018. So my question is how much of a set-back is a month off running (even tho walking/general fitness will improve). I've thought of taking my running gear with me but a 5k run after a 25km hike is not gonna happen most days,..

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I assume you are aiming for Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrim walk? Look at it like this, there are many 10k events, but you may never get this chance again!

It is a truly beautiful area, do it, do it, do it!

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Fourth camino, and yes, beautiful...that's why I'm going back! If you have hiked any part of the camino trail then you understand!

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