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Running on the treadmill again

Well It's good to be back jogging on the spot haha. Getting back to at least my 3 a week again including cycling , rowing and weights. 30 mins on the treadmill including warm up and cool down. Not pushing too hard , right now it hurts like hell on the rib cage . Just trying to breath in my nose is harder work than running itself but no one wants to see a dribbling mouth breather right? :P. Knee and heel holding up so far although I do need to see Doc now about Plantar fasciitis . Last thing I need is a bone spur as my heel has felt bruised for about 8 months now with no let up. I have a friend of mine who has just started C25K and I'm hopefully going to join her for some outdoor jogging some point soon.

For Christmas I was bought a nice upgrade to my Tomtom watch which includes the heart rate sensor giving me a much more rounded log of my workouts and more accurate stats. You dont need expensive gear and gadgets to run but I do find it encourages me further. Its fun. And as it should be.

To all you new starters in 2018 , keep at it . Don't just turn it into a fad , see it through. Youll thank yourself later I promise that. I let myself slide alot since the summer but even with excess weight again I am finding it pretty easy to pick up the running again and enjoy it. And so can you!

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