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Back to almost square one

I last ran on the 30th of November. I have well and truly fallen off the running wagon. So armed with shiny new Fitbit and warm new running leggings I finally got back out again today.

I went right back to week 4 run 1 - I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and demotivation by trying to run for 30 minutes straight off.

My running paranoia struck when a lady putting out her bin looked over at me. This isn’t just an almost new year dalliance with running I mentally projected. I’ve completed Couch to 5K don’t let this slightly wobbly physique fool you!

The gods of technology weren’t with me. I discovered trying to activate MapMyRun plus Fitbit whilst wearing running gloves is not straight forward so lost about a minute of the first 3 minute run cursing and frantically prodding at devices. Right at the end of my run my phone crashed with the exertion of running Spotify, MapMyRun and Mr Smooth all at once.

Next challenge was the ice everywhere. The first stretch was only negotiated safely by clinging onto the cemetery railings. I spent most of the time looking at the ground to ensure safe passage rather than taking in my surroundings. There was also mud. I hate mud. My trainers are now muddy.

But it felt good to have got myself into my running gear - I love running gear. It felt good to be moving and breathing harder (not too hard). And it felt good to know I haven’t lost all my fitness. I am sure that falling off the running wagon is common so I’m feeling no guilt just getting back into the flow.

Happy new year to all 😀

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I just got back on! So yes, no guilt. I would say that sticking to 3x a week is important for me!


Yes am going to try that too.


Welcome back & go you!

You could lay out your running gear enticingly for happy anticipation!! 😄


Happy New Year. I’m in the very same boat. Just getting back after a 2 month break. Feels like I am also starting from scratch. I am taking part in a challenge for the month of January, so hopefully by the end of January I’ll be back to running a comfortable 5K.


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