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5k run for Christmas

I missed parkrun yesterday morning because it has been so hot and humid - Christmas eve was too hot and sticky for sleep so didn't even try until around 4am. woke up and did the food prep, tasting as I went, but didn't have a plate because I wanted to run first.

Put spotify on my phone and got bluetooth headphones for chrissy so I took them for a test run before lunch and ran a different path from usual because I knew it would be pretty quiet along the harbour foreshore, so I gave that a shot.

I'm on the bridge to 10k app now so yesterday was week 10 run three so 45 minutes of run time. Just made the 5k in that time.

It was such a beautiful run, seeing little kids trying out their new wheels and families just enjoying each others company. Saw the sweetest couple sitting side-by-side on a bench each deeply focused on their own book. They looked so blissful :)

Got stuck into the Christmas fare after a nice hot shower and spent the afternoon in the garden.

Who could ask for more?

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