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Hurt my ankle again :(

Had to stop this morning's run after 10 minutes as landed funny and twisted my left ankle slightly. Same as last time, not quite a full sprain (no bruising or anything, very mild swelling) but it bloody hurt. So did the sensible thing and just walked home instead of "waking it off" and carrying on.

Very disappointed. Caught it happen in my peripheral vision this time, looks like I've landed on the outside of my left foot and my ankle's turned outwards. Not really sure what to do with that information though :) It could well be I've landed on a wet leaf which has slipped slightly and unbalanced me but that's just a guess.

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I had a rubbish ankle when I first started. It used to be painful and puffy at the least provocation.

If it's causing searing pain you'll have to rest up and RICE. It might be fine after a day's rest. See how it goes 🙂👍


Oh no?? Rest rest rest...see how it feels in a few days time & if it’s no better I’d get it checked out...those pesky leaves are hazardous...if they’re not slippy they’re hiding dog poo underneath them!!! We need those gremlins on our side sweeping them leaves away!!! Hope it’s nothing too serious & you can get back out there towards that podium very soon...


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