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Are rest days couch days?

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Am about to enter week 9. My last run for week 8 is tomorrow. I’ve struggled a bit with Week 8 mainly because life has gotten in the way and I missed my routine of runs. At one point I left 5 days between a week 7 day 3 run and week 8 day 1.

My question is this ... I’ve broken through and competed two runs of week 8... what do I do today? I love to run on the weekend as I don’t have to struggle with the ‘after-work-all-day-in-heels’ pain. Can I do a 10 minutes interval run on the treadmill or do I let my little legs rest?

I feel strong enough to do it. But I’m so close to the end I can smell it... and I don’t want to mess it up now 😳

Thanks 🙏

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Rest your legs. Running on two consecutive days is not advisable and increases the risk of injury. Better to be patient and complete the programme injury-free.

You could do some stretches or other non-impact exercise instead.

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You simply don't want to run on your rest days. It's banned by Society For Protection of Muscles and Bones as well as International Runners High Court. You want to be active though - swimming, walking, cycling, weight lifting, stretching, anything NON impact.

And watch out for the Run Police.

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Definitely rest those little legs....give them a chance to heal & be strong for your next 😉

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You can do other exercise, as long as it's non-impact - or just put your feet up and await the next run! I've left a few 5-day gaps, life does happen. Well done for getting back to it!

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