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Any Advice for Plantar Fasciitis?

Hello, In highschool I would always get Plantar Fasciitis when I was running on the cross country team. But I never really found a way to help repair my foot. Now that I am running again my Plantar is starting to come back and sometimes I can't even walk on my right foot for 2 hours after I get out of bed in the morning! I would really appreciate some much needed advice!

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Oh yes , used to have this and it was so painful.

Ok - it's gonna hurt at first but it really works .....

Get yourself some hard dog balls (not tennis). You'll be standing in the ball and rolling your foot.

It hurts a lot at first then it eases off. Basically you have sticky fibres and this action helps break them up.

Once the pain subsides roll for a little longer then stop.

Do this before you run and when you get back.

I've not had to do it for some time now but I keep the balls handy in case it flairs up.

Good luck !

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Irish-John has given you some great advice I feel :)


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