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Treadmill replacement?


My Roger Black treadmill has gone pop smoked and stopped working. Fortunately I had done Wk6R2 and was on the last 10 seconds of warm down.

Need to replace tomorrow. I know a lot of advice would be to just go outside and run but this suits me at the moment.

Have looked on line and there is an amazing amount of different treadmills with massively different prices.

Does any one here have a recommendation for a replacement? Budget of up £500 pound but would prefer to be £350ish.

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Check on Freecycle and Ebay first. You may pick up a bargain. I have an exercise bike that the previous owner bought at full price, used hardly at all if ever and then became a coat stand lol


To be honest before C25k all the equipment in my gym was the same. Will look on ebay . Thanks

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