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Week 4 - finding it difficult

So relieved to find that many find the jump from Wk3 to Wk4 a stretch. After struggling with the Wk1! and then finding Wk3 easy this was a bit disappointing. So I've taken on board the comments here about running slower, about avoiding the heat and finding a flatter run. I will repeat Wk4R1 until I nail it! Not giving up and at least I tried so got some exercise!

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hi Hilsy no run is a wasted run, it all builds stamina and kms. And they help when you graduate and you will. ... keep going but once you've done the R1 move on, don't keep repeating for the sake of it. Provided you don't need St Johns Ambulance and have no pain, just an ache or two and a feeling of satisfaction, then you're done. Move on, each one is designed to stretch you...

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Just listen to your body.... take it very gently and move on slowly. Don't push too hard though :)

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Well done you.

There is no such thing as too slow, so long as you are still running.


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