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How to combine with other exercises/when to take rest days

Hi all

I'm just on week 2 at the moment and enjoying it way more than I thought I would! I do strength training 2-3 times a week and doing this plan because I want to improve my cardio (currently terrible!). For anyone who also does other activity/exercise how do you work both together? Do you do a run+the other activity on the same day? Or do you spread it out more and only do one thing on one day? Is a rest day a rest from running or from everything? Sorry for all the questions, would appreciate any advice 😊

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You can use your rest days to cross train with light activities - walking, cycling, yoga, swimming - but nothing too strenuous on the legs. It will help prevent stiffness. You could also strength train on those days. If you're doing strength training on the same day as a run, make sure you either do them at separate times of day or then do weights before the run. But please don't train your legs (squats, lunges etc) and run on the same day if you like being able to walk :)


Shivani05 has it right.... rest days are for other exercise.. strength and stamina, core strength, climbing, walking yoga, swimming or cycling for example!


I do my running 3-4 days per week and depending on my schedule, I also do my HIIT training 2 days each week which may or may not fall on running days. I do try to take at least 1 day where I'm not doing any type of exercise at all. Good luck and happy running!

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