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Sunday run day!

My little boy hasn't been very well so had to put off a run this week :( and then he had me up in middle of the night, not great when I wanted to go for a early morning run.

Any way I wasn't going to bother but managed to talk myself into going once little one was out the house with grandma.

Only ran for 20 minutes as I seem to be preferring to doing two 20 minute runs a week and one 30 (or longer run).

Managed to reach 3k in just over 20 mins, making it my fastest run. Yay!

Use the two 20 minute runs to work on going faster, then this seems to help when I do 30 minutes.

Happy run day everyone!

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Well done for getting out there... and a very fast 3K!

I only ever have managed a 21 minute 3K and that was downhill with a tail wind!!

I do a speedy run each week, short and sweet, a 5K and a loooong Sunday run.. ( when I am running on full power that is).. just off the IC means being very sensible!

Go you, and glad the small one is better now, too :)

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Well done on getting out there, even after a trying week. 3k in 20 wow that's super speedy. Sir Mo looking over his shoulder at you!

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