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Advice needed

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Ok, I successfully completed W8R1 today in torrential rain, having failed by 6 mins on Sunday. I rested for two days which helped.

Anyway, I'm really struggling to reach the goals. I've run 22 minutes, 25 mins x 4 and now a 28 minute. But I feel like stopping after about 5 minutes. The mid to late teens is brutal for me. I listen to music, but my mind is so negative.

Am I the only one? Any advice on what to do?

I'm running 3.5km in the 28 minutes, so I'm not going too fast.

I'm not giving up, but feel like I've reached the limits of my stamina/strength.


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Sounds like it could be the gremlins - a couple of tricky runs and it is easy to let them in. Be ready to counter any negative thoughts with positive ones the moment they rear their ugly heads. Some people have a mantra they use but BELIVE you can do this. Also, slow your pace a little - this should help too. Fingers crossed for you and good luck on your next run.πŸ™‚

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