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Week 8 niggles


Morning all. I completed week 8 run 1 yesterday and wanted to get some feedback on a couple of pains I'm getting now I'm running for longer. Specifically I'm getting ankle pain on the inside of my left ankle. It's not excruciating but I'm wondering if I should be adjusting my gait/ running style to solve it? I'm flat footed and bought shoes to deal with that at a specialist shop as I started running. I've also had a bit of hip pain but this seems to be helped if I concentrate on how my foot hits the ground, it's also on the other side to my ankle pain so I'm not sure if this right-side concentration is causing my left-side problems. Anyway. Any views appreciated. Thank you.

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To me is sounds like the ankle pain is from the foot arch problem/over inversion (flat footedness) and the hip secondary to that. So it probably is a gait problem. There are some exercises that can help your arches.

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