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I write a post a couple of weeks ago asking when I might start to enjoy this whole running thing and everyone suggested getting off the treadmill and outside. Well, I have that a go and it looks like you were all right!

I'm not saying I'm now a massive run lover or that I suddenly find it easy but I've been doing it for the last three weeks (trying to do at least 3 times a week) and it's been so much more enjoyable.

I haven't listened to week 8 or 9 as I usually have them on my computer as I run on the treadmill but have just increased the time myself to 30 mins each run. Can I still say I've finished the course? What do you do when you've finished - keep doing the same or aim to increase the time you run?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to tell me to get outside, it's worked!

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If you've done 3x 28 mins and 3x 30 mins I reckon you can call yourself a graduate. But I'm not in admin - it's their decision. Whatever, if you're running 30 mins regularly you are definitely a runner! Well done!

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If you have followed the programme and completed, you should be able to request your badge. The rather lovely admin fairies have the final decision.

Good that you got outdoors, keeping going you are doing great!

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I'm soooo pleased to read this. Hats off to you that you tried running outside and even better that you like it so much more. Please stick around here so you pass on your experience to others as this question comes up a lot here.

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