Breathing tip on YouTube

Hi everybody, I was looking on YouTube over the weekend and came across the following breathing tip:

In time with your running, breathe in through your nose once, then once again, and out through your mouth twice in the same fashion.

I might give it a try tonight (I'm on W7R1) as I still struggle a bit to get my breathing right. Is this a method many of you graduates use?


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14 Replies

  • The best just breathe however it feels right for you :) As long as you are going at a slow and steady pace, your breathing should be fine.

  • Thank you Oldfloss, my breathing usually settles down after the first couple of minutes, I just thought this might be interesting to try, and if it helps, brilliant!

  • No harm in trying,,, :) Just so much to focus on through the programme, so whatever works for you :)

  • Back in the day when I was fit I found that breathing in for 2 paces and then out for 2 paces was really useful and sometimes gave me something else to focus on if I needed it.

    Now I just suck air in wherever I can, ha!!

  • Yes, I think I'll have to turn my music down so I can hear my gasping better!

  • I used to get a lot of stitches and found that breathing in for 2 and out for 3 in time with my steps helps or other way round if I'm pushing hard. Whatever works for you though :-)

  • Thank you, I'll give it a go 😆

  • There seem to be many different ways to, er, breathe! I'm with Oldfloss, I just let it sort itself out! I am a mouth breather (in and out through the mouth) as are many. Seems to suit me fine and I am now running some quite long distances but give it a go - it's all about finding what works best for you. Good luck.🙂

  • Thank you Sandra 😊

  • I'm with Oldfloss. The only times I have had real problems with my breathing have been when i have been either running too fast or concentrating on breathing to a 'method'.

  • Yes, musn't get obsessive about it. Still, it would take my mind off my grumbling legs I guess!

  • Have a look at this

    I don't know what my pace count is......I am a man, I can't run, count and breathe all at the same time......roughly in every third pace, then exhale third pace and if I am pushing hard then every third breath is blown out especially hard to clear my lungs. This has developed naturally as my pattern over the years and seems to enable me to run quite hard. it is something like the asymmetric breathing mentioned in the article.

  • Thank you Iannoda, interesting article. Who knew there are so many ways to breathe? So inhaling just through your nose is not efficient, glad it's not just me! I might just turn the music off and listen to my breathing instead. Quite meditative, I would think.

  • I noticed I was having more trouble breathing on the last run. I tried to concentrate on making it more like swimming breathing - worse! It got better when I relaxed and stopped thinking about how I was breathing.

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