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C25K & nutrition

To lose some weight before giving c25k another bash, I adopted a low carb diet and the carbs I did eat came from veg. I felt amazing, lost 2 stone, had bundles of energy and started to build up some fitness before going at the program again. I was getting protein from chia & flax seeds, almonds and fish (not a fan of meat or poultry in general, maybe the odd boiled egg) and cooked more with coconut oil. This had its downfalls (breath doesn’t smell pretty on a low carb diet!).

A friend suggested that now I’m upping the exercise with these little runs that I should start reintroducing some refined carbs. Wk1r1 & r2 went ok, but I feel totally drained and didn’t have the energy to attempt r3 last night. Also feel very sluggish in general. Today I’ve ditched the carbs again, back to lots of leafy green veg and feel much more positive about trying the run tonight.

What do you find works to fuel you with energy for exercise?

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Diet for me is the most difficult - I never get it right! If I cut out wheat, I'll eat sugar. If I cut out alcohol, I'll probably end up eating take aways. I never quite know what works for me and what doesn't. I always end up self sabotaging and so I don't stick to anything - apart from running!

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Consumption of refined carbohydrate immediately after exercise will help to replenish depleted glycogen, due to increased insulin sensitivity, but it's not particularly nutritious. As such, opt for complex sources, such as oats, lentils, quinoa and beans, to ensure that blood glucose remains stable throughout the day.

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