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Little by little?

Hi Folks, I haven't been around for as my last run was on 7th May before the cough and cold bug caught me :( ! Couldn't even walk to the top of our lane without being out of breath (reminds me of me before I started C25K)!

Anyhoo, feeling much improved (or so I thought) I set out this morning on a gentle run. I managed just over 10 mins :o . It wasn't 'the toxic ten', my chest felt tight. Loosened some more gunge though (TMI? Soz)! So I thought, rather than keep on not running at all :( I'd just see if I could manage at least a 10 min run every day until this clears up. Does this sound ok? I know it's supposed to be 'rest if it's below the neck', but I don't feel that I need to rest any longer. I need to get out there :x

Hoping to do the Parkrun at Ganavan Sands, Oban on 10th June while on holiday and want to give it my best shot...xx

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Sounds like a plan its not like your coming back from an injury (like me ) so i do not see any problems

As they say all the time here slow and steady and listen to your body


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