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I think I'll be mulling a lot of stuff over in my head as I run. Today's thought was this:

I think the reason I hated sport so much as a teenager was because I always ached so much the day after. It now dawns on me - despite my being unfit, I don't remember ever warming up, warming down or stretching in any way in our PE sessions. We would put on our kit and just get on with the task. I usually ended up with a stitch, probably because we'd been sent on a road run straight after lunch!

I hope PE teachers are doing a better job for the kids today. I would hate for anyone to be put off exercise like I was.

I have just done W1R3, and I feel great!

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Well done you! Steady and slow... that adds to the enjoyment:)

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Good for you for leaving the past where it belongs - behind you! Hope you will come to love running as much as you disliked PE at school!

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