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What C25K has brought me so far - Caution: motivation inside

I am now nearly at two-thirds of the C25K program (that is W6R2). For the recent weeks I have been amazed by the changes going on and I thought it may be worthwhile to share these here. For example:

> Briskly walking up and down the stairs has become my normal way to move around the office where I work. The elevators have not seen me for the last 6 weeks. Best of all I am not even out of breath and able to hold a conversation while walking up.

> I lost 6.5 kg in the last two months. Next to C25k I have been paying attention to my diet (no sweets, much less alcohol) but it all plays nicely together. My double chin is nearly gone and my belts need additional holes.

> I discovered there are fellow runners in my neighbourhood, most of them seem to be really nice.

> I sleep better at nights. My wife tells me I snore less.

> Starting out I was a bit anxious, afraid to make a fool of myself. To my surprise, I realised that everybody around me is supportive and gives me appreciation for my efforts.

> Overall I started appreciating physical effort much more, whereas I had been avoiding it in the past. For example I started using the bike again to get around in town instead of taking the bus.

I am looking forward to the next three weeks of C25K but already now I am convinced that starting this programme is the best thing I have done in a long time, perhaps even on the same level as giving up smoking 11 years ago.

Fell free to add your own positive experience below and let's share some motivation to remind us why we are here.

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What a happy post. Well said. :)

C25k is a bit like a miracle, I reckon!

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Marvellous stuff!!


Well said. The benefits of C25K go beyond learning to run. I'm so happy for you.


My fitness level has improved exponentially since starting to run. I was not overweight by any means, just really unfit. I used to feel out of breath walking up lots of stairs or hills. Now that is in the past. My waistline has shrunk so now I can fit into my clothes more comfortably. I haven't really lost weight, maybe half a stone, but that wasn't my aim. I am loving exploring new places to run, even if it's just streets I never normally walk or drive down. And I've met new people, both here and in real life, because of running. I've discovered a whole new community


What a great post! I think someone's been bitten by the running bug! It is lovely to see you so enthusiastic about running and know you're another convert! Good luck with the last few weeks, enjoy running with Laura.


Don't forget the great social aspect of running - do you have a parkrun near where you live?? I am an older man and I am REALLY enjoying mixing with a completely different group of people.


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