Altering pace and brething deeply

Hi every one,l enjoyed reading the comments on breathing,Than ks again.Anyway,lshall be running during my lunch break again,- taking it slowly and not to get hung- up about the breathing.Am doing a ladder and scaffolding handling course today,even thou l've been handling them for 30yrs.It will great to go running.l am going to try varying the pace and taking deep breaths using my diaphram rather than my lungs.


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7 Replies

  • Great stuff...:)

    Maybe practice your breathing when you are handling and moving the ladders and scaffolding.. ( it sounds interesting!). Away from the running, it could be a good way to try it :)

  • Hi Oldfloss,l agree that doing other forms of work,such as moving ladders would help with using diaphram breathing.It certainly helped with my run today especially as l attempted holding my head up.

  • Let us know how it goes.. just try not to over think the breathing😊

  • Hi Dave,lt went. well physically,I just find my breathing gets tight.Maybe go and see theGP.l know that my wife is constantly in my thoughts.

  • Oh, I'm sorry you've suffered a recent loss? Yes, that may be affecting you, take it easy..

  • Breathing comes naturally to all of us - and our bodies tell us when it wants more oxygen so there is an automatic reflex to provide it. Under most of life's movements, this is completely satisfactory ---- BUT running is a bit different to most other things we do in life. -- because it is rhythmic and repetitive. Basically this is something quite unusual to most of us - unless we have made a habit of hard fast uphill walking. So - I am not a believer of the adage "just do what comes naturally - breathe naturally" because running , although a completely natural movement , is also alien to most of us - forgotten in the mists of time from when we were little kiddies running all over the place.

  • Hi Bazza,l understand to relax into my run.l guess l have impatience; l am physical fit have had no problems with painful muscles or tendon problems.

    l have problems with breathing l get really tight,maybe its worth a visit to the G.P. Stevy.

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