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Just checking in

Hi all, 5K time was 33:07 this morning! Considering I was at 38:00 back in late Feb, I take that as a small victory.

If I don't crack the 30 minute barrier in 2017, I will be frustrated! I think it is achievable with some training. That and the Great South Run are my main running goals for the year.

I have also been doing single leg squats to improve my glute strength and, if this week is anything to go by, I think it is helping already!

I found that focusing on imagining picking something up really helps me focus the exercise on the glutes.

Also did a yoga sesh earlier in the week (not sure I'm sold on yoga... all seems very unnatural... might try a pilates class)! Started a new job too but still found time for a midweek 4K too. Running in the week to supplement a weekend run sooo helps my stamina.

I want to mix up my training a bit, so I'm thinking on my next solo run I am going to do sprint - walk - sprint - walk - sprint - walk... etc. Something about running as fast as I can for once just really appeals, and I am hoping this might help improve my gait/cadence/speed. I used to love sprinting at school (I wasn't one of the 'sporty kids' at school but I was a fast sprinter and I used to love the shocked look on the 'sporty kids' faces when I would beat them at 100m or 200m)!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, what brilliant sunshine this morning! We had a gentleman in an inflatable dinosaur running parkrun this morning... wow.

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Hi Sarah, good to hear from you and well done on your Parkrun time this morning! 🙂 Those single leg squats are obviously paying off, maybe I should try some myself, as I want to spend a little time working on my speed over the next few months. Take care.x


Congratulations Sarah that's a great time!

I must do more of those squats thanks for reminding me!

We had a friend running in an inflatable sumo wrestler suit last year! Great fun!😆


That's great news Sarah and well done on the Parkrun time. That's a big improvement since February! Those James Dunne videos are great aren't they? Do you get a daily link? Curlygurly2 and Frank-ntj introduced me.

I'm with you on the yoga. I'm a Pilates woman but have tried yoga twice recently and didn't take to it at all and got myself in such an odd position that it bu**ered up my back for weeks afterwards ☹️ So I'm sticking to Pilates.

Mixing up our running is what makes it fun, so enjoy yourself 🙂


So long as you're running consistently (three times a week), running fitness will improve, allowing a sub-30 minute 5K to be completed.

As well as strengthening your glutes, an additional shorter session of HIIT intervals (like you've described) should help to improve overall speed, since the sprints will improve ability to handle rising levels of lactate within the blood.

If you've never incorporated them before, in order to avoid injury and to ensure that they remain enjoyable, simply begin with aim of completing 10 minutes. Sprint as fast as you're able for 20s and walk for 60s to recover. As the body adapts to exercising anaerobically, you should hopefully be able to increase the length of the session/duration of the sprints.

As anaerobic capacity improves, ensure that the length of sprinting session doesn't exceed 25 minutes, since continuing beyond begins to have a catabolic effect upon existing muscle mass.

If you can reach 20 minutes, eventually sprinting for 60s and resting for 30s, for example, you'll be doing incredibly well.


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