The Run Rabbit Run Quest week 2..... Feel free to join 🐰

Hi how is everyone doing on this easter quest?

I've named the Quest the,' Run Rabbit Run Easter Quest,' because I think its about time the Easter bunny got fit!!!! That way he can eat more chocolate, so its a win win for him!!

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks.

You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you are a graduate . The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will be added for the duration of the Quest.

Good Luck everybody !

Real Foodie Club, Ju-ju and Pops xxx




















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35 Replies

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  • Quite pleased with last week. I ran 4x (and have done for 7 weeks in a row now) and yesterday I covered 13k on my way to the 15k I've committed to. If I'm feeling good I might go for 14k next weekend and try for the 15 over Easter. But that might be a bit greedy. Will play it by ear!

    Hope everyone is enjoying the good weather and questing successfully!

  • Well done!

    I think I might go 4 times this week, too. See how it feels.

  • good plan :)

  • Lovely to get out running in the warmth for a change! Well done on the 4x and I'm sure that 15K is imminent...xx

  • Please can I sign up, a bit late... been pondering on what goals to set and crazy week last week.

    I actually have a quite meticulous set of goals over a year, a quarter, a month and it does make the things I want to happen happen, so there's some overlap with the forum Quests.

    So, because I was a bit downhearted and surprised by some of the things I didn't achieve last month (although I did achieve others) I'm going to use the Quest to help me:

    1) I am going to do at least three things from my Things To Do list (this isn't a list of chores but more fun stuff such as "See ring ouzels" or "Have breakfast at Haddon Hall" or "Walk Rushup Edge" or "Visit Renishaw Hall")

    2) I'm going to do at least one cycle ride (very optimistic about this one as we did finally manage to do one last month but I don't want it to be like 2016 where I only did one all year) Got the fancy gear now, padded bum, cool top...

    3) 10,000 steps on two days a week or 10 occasions across the Quest (running does help with this but doesn't guarantee it) And I did achieve this last week

    4) Swim a total of at least 3 kilometres

    5) Have a run with Anniemurph (I say a run but on Friday I ran and my 70+ year old uncle strolled beside me)

    6) (This is getting rather a lot) Weigh 68kgs or less at the end of the Quest

  • I love your first goal. We should all have these fun things included πŸ€—

  • My overall goal for the year is to do 20... and I didn't do any last month which was a bit rubbish.

    Any time we say "I'd like to..." or "We should..." it goes on the list (and I list them by year so I know how long they've been 'waiting').

    Meanwhile I want to have a little cry because my beloved has gone out on his bike this lunchtime. As I said to him, he's already beaten last year's record.

  • I should perhaps that they are not always fun when they are hard to achieve - several unsuccessful attempts to see ring ouzel last year (and, although I didn't actually put it on the list, despite it being a 'waxwing' winter, I have yet to see one... did see a hawfinch last week on a run though)

  • This made me smile.. I saw a Ring Ouzel,up in Northumberland a few years ago.. I drew it and when showing husband he thought I said.. it was called a Rin Duzel.. we have called them that ever since :)

  • Your first goal is such a fab idea I'm going to make a list like that...xx

  • Woohoo! Just let me know :)

  • I love your goals, you always bring a refreshing roundness to all this... I wish I weighed 68 kilos ( I weigh 73)!! but we are all different.... I love the things to do list too :)

  • I wish I weighed 68kgs too, it seems to elude me despite weighing only 1 or 2kgs more (the idea being that if I weigh less than maybe the stuff round my middle isn't also coating my innards)

    But you must be taller than me and have iron muscles

  • The first week of the quest went quite well for me :) I went running three times last week and hit the gym twice. I just got back from my longest run so far: 4.5 k.

    It was my very first run with Laura if you can believe it :D I downloaded the stepping stone podcasts and tried stamnia today. Worked quite well for me so I might do that once a week now.

    Have a nice week everyone!

  • 'Our Laura's' great isn't she! I've done Stepping Stones and Speed and know they're really going to help me. Well done on the 4.5K...xx

  • well done, I hope you enjoyed them... intervals make such a big difference :)

  • Stuck to MyAscis plan last week and did my three runs. Am in the fast phase! I haven't run fast for two years so this was a reminder of how fun it was but challenging! But it's amazing how quickly my body remembered 😊

    Didn't get to the gym and I see they've cancelled my Pilates class ☹️ so will have to find another one. Had plenty of exercise in the garden though πŸ€—

    Have a great week fellow questers and to anyone who can't run for whatever reason, I'm sending you lots of good wishes and hope the running gods will smile on you soon.

  • It's so good for the soul to get out into our 'green gym' :) ! Totally free (unless you hit the Garden Centres :o ), and you reap the rewards in so many ways...xx

  • Fellow questers.... I love it!!!

  • Plan still on track but entering fast phase πŸ™„

    I have a niggly Achilles. Ignoring it in the hope it goes away 😎

  • Bummer that your Achilles is playing up - don't ignore it too much, you don't want to end up on the IC...xx

  • urggg achilles are such a nightnmare- you been doing lots of hills??

  • Hi ju-ju- thanQ for running this challenge!

    My aims were initially to run 3x per week, work up to 20K, and decrease my time on Parkrun. However, I only ran twice last week, Monday and Saturday using Stepping Stones podcast and covered just under 10K. I'm OK with this as I was really busy in the garden instead, so didn't just sit on my ass! Also knocked 39 seconds off the Parkrun which I am mightily pleased about :D !

    So have had a rethink and I'm going to change my aims a smidge. Run 3x per week, follow your programme to get me up to 10K, decrease time on Parkrkun. We're going on holiday 1st week in June, and I want to be able to run the route we always walk (8.8K).

    I've had a go at the Speed podcast this morning, and boy my little legs were going like the clappers (so was Winston's, he was looking at me as if to say 'what the hell just happened there, is somebody after us'! :o Did it though and hope that it helps with my Parkrun time...xx

  • My goals are:

    1. To run at least twice every week

    2. To increase my long run distance

    3. To increase my daily step count.

    1. I ran twice last week (well, sort of three times!) - Sunday and Tuesday. I deliberately didn't go Thursday as I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt my knee (or attitude!) before Saturday's race.

    2. Well, I didn't increase past my maximum, but did do a whole 5k on a Saturday (max I've done recently is 5.5k) :) And after last Sunday's dismal effort, that's definitely an achievement!

    3. I'm now the proud owner of a (second hand, very basic) Fitbit and I love it! Definitely motivating me to up my steps. :)

  • well done!!

  • Thank you for reminding us! I'm on track with 3x5k a week, very simple! Looking at other people's goals maybe I should add a few more...

  • Yours is absolutely fine... it's all about achievable goals... in things you want to achieve....

    Also bear in mind that some of us have been doing these Quests since the beginning so our goals have developed. Sometimes we find that our goals weren't realistic... or weren't challenging enough... or we get something down pat.

    (I'm a little envious of your goal if I'm honest. Sadly that's in the 'not sensibly achievable' pile for me. So good on you!)

  • Google me, I must be feeling sensitive tonight, your kind reply brought a tear to my eye, thank you! 😊

  • Last week I managed to run further at parkrun before having to walk as well as upping my pace on the treadmill, so I'm pleased with the result. Yesterday instead of running on the treadmill I ran outside and managed to run 2k then walked for a bit and then ran a further 2k so impressed with the outcome.

  • Not a great week. I only managed two runs instead of the three I'd planned. However, one was up the big hill, at the best pace this year, on my way to a self-defence class, which turned out to be a workout as well :D The other run was on a new route and was lovely but I managed 8k instead of the 13 I was hoping for.

    I'm not quite sure what to aim for this week. The hill will feature again, as it will every Friday now :O but I'd like to get that 13k nailed down. I have a 10k event peering over the horizon at me and I want to make sure I'm in good shape for that.

  • Doing okay!

    Which I am really happy with.. a lovely run Sunday..last lap on a sunny beach! :) and a great run this morning.. so very pleased.

    Walking is back on track...

    Three times a week running.. not, as rain stopped play in North Wales.

    Back up to 7 K ( this morning ..yeay!)

    Core strength improving dramatically.. mainly due, I feel, to the weight of new small one !!! Playing Walking through the Jungle with her, whilst supporting her full weight is really good for the upper body and arms too :)


    If you want a smile follow the link.. I had to go onto You Tube, so I could learn the words and actions to sing it with her... (She does NOT watch you tube :) )! x

  • Count me in Ju, please πŸ˜€

    Running 3 or 4 times a week, training for races. My Achilles is bothering me a bit. Typical πŸ™„

  • Got my 2 runs in last week both 5k. Also walked about 40 miles. πŸ‘

    Out boating, so plenty of locks to do and fresh air and upper body exercise.

    Unfortunately, each new town has a new pub to try - and a Birthday to celebrate. Ho hum....

  • Made progress on Sunday did 46 1/2 minutes gradually heading towards 7K. weather good but started out late about 11. Billy whizz and the gazelles (sounds lie a punk band from the 70's) were all out running round the lake but avoided most of them running up side of lake then up and down canal. Managed similar on Wednesday.

    Managed 5K to work today put in extra 1K by running back on myself on a stretch through recreation ground. Still doing a time of 34 minutes.

    Plan to do a park run and book a Saturday off sometime in June which is roughly about a year since starting C25K and should be well on to way of being "5 mile man" by then.

    After that for a challenge will make more serious experiments and attempt at increasing speed.

    But am happy I'm still running a year later ! I might even get my knees out for my park run !! for my Runniversary "Knees up".

  • Hi peggy59 here and I would love to join the quest. My aim is to carry on with running 3 times a week still with great structure from here,also I am training for two 5 k sponsored charity runs one in May and the other for cancer research in July.

    Hope that will do for now!

    Still looking for people to sponsor me for race for life in July. My email for this is just go to race for life website and look for the Hereford one July 9th ,open up my fundraising page,read my page and if you would like why not donate and help me with many others to try and raise enough money to help try and irradicate the big C! We do have a way to go but we must keep trying. Thank you πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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