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Running imposter syndrome?

So during a not-very-good W8R2 today (sore claves, massive puddles everywhere, started raining halfway through) I was wondering why every time I run, at about the 10 minute mark, I get this weird sense of fear like I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing. I think it's because, now that I'm up to longer runs, it feels like surely I shouldn't be able to do this - the last runs must have been a fluke, and it's all going to fall apart now. I usually feel a bit better around 15 minutes when I've settled into it a bit more. Anyone else feel like this during a run?

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I am only up to week 5 but see other joggers and can't make eye contact, I feel like a fake ! 😂


I think we all feel that way, to some extent, until running 30 minutes (or 5K) becomes 'routine' and something that you know you can do and do comfortably.

In reality, we are beginners until he have been running regularly for 18 months or so, even if the rapid progress stops after nine months. During that period there is always something that you are learning about your capabilities or how to run, or how train for a race etc.

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C25K is not just about physical fitness, I learned various mental tools as well. I don't recognise what you've described but it's just something to learn to deal with. I don't feel inferior to other runners (much), I'm too busy feeling superior to the walkers ;-)


It's your blooming mind optimisticoxford ! Tell it to do one, and concentrate on what your body can do...xx


Yes almost had panic attack with breating very ragged on w8r1

Better next run although still find runs difficult but then thought I was going to collapse on w1r1


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