W2R1 ☑️ But to heel strike or not to heel strike...that is the question!

'Graduated' to week 2 today after a restart of week 1 last week. Having had sore thigh bones and knees the last time I did week 1, I had lots of advice about NOT heel striking and landing further forward on my foot. Seemed to work!

Tonight, on W2R1 Laura told me quite clearly to avoid injury by landing on my heel first. I'm one confused novice runner now! The old bones were quite sore tonight too, so any further advice greatly appreciated again!


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8 Replies

  • Yes, I was confused by that too.

  • This time ignore Laura, I was lucky when I came to that part as there had been a big discussion on here about it and basically the up shot is that it's one of the few times Laura is trying to lead you astray x

  • We are all different. Most people are heel strikers but it is far from ubiquitous. At this stage, just do what feels natural. Your running style will change, to become more efficient, in time without you even realising it.

  • Thanks - not too worried about my style (lol), more worried about getting shin splints, femur splints (is there such a thing?) and dodgy knees. I am nearly 50 you know 😜 Actually uneven pavements, potholes and poorly lit areas are probably making matters worse so we're trying a new route next run!

  • You are a whipper-snapper. I am 55 and many of us are in your age range.

    Have you had any issues with your shins or is it just a worry? Generally 'shin splints' are caused by your footwear not being suitable for your running gait (style) rather than the gait itself.

  • Run how you find it best to run.

    Like the advice on breathing; do what is right for you :)

    Try, if you can to land lightly, as Laura says, with your foot underneath you, ( your hips)...

    There is so much to concentrate on when we start.. I spent quite a few runs, concentrating on different things each run... one run, breathing, then one run, arms and shoulders, ertc etc... we can get so overloaded...whew!

    Your body will, at this stage be wondering what you are doing to it! A sort of, aches and pains protest.. listen to it.. your body knows what is what..but, there is a difference between the normal, 'starting running', aches and pains and an injury pain.. you will know!

    You will get there...just keep it slow and steady and remember how ever you do it, as long as you are not in real pain.. you will make that Graduation podium!


    You are a youngster! I am 66...so... onward and upward!

  • I'm with Dunder2004 and Oldfloss , one of the best bits of advice I had was, land softly and quietly, imagine you have to get past a sleeping bear without waking it up.....😂

    Go slowly, and the key thing for shoes, no matter what you may read is comfort....I go by the feeling of snug soft slippers, works for me!

    Oh, and I'm 53.........this is the new fitness for over fifties club, and it's the best you'll find anywhere 😄


  • Nooo! Don't try and run differently! just what comes naturally to you, my friends have already spoken!😁

    Oh! And I'm 62 next Tuesday!😊

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