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Any budding medics out there?

.....or those with experience probably better still. I have had a sore right foot all day when walking, it's along the outer edge of my foot in line with the base of my little toe (i'm sure there's a better name for that area!). Anyway, it isn't sore to touch, just when I weight bear. I ran yesterday and there didn't seem to be any ill-effects then. Has anyone any ideas? Don't really have time this week to see doctor 👣. Thank you in advance.

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A possible stress fracture of the fifth metatarsal perhaps.

They're an incredibly common injury amongst runners.

I'd go get it checked out to be sure, easing off on the running until you've had it assessed.


Thanks for the reply mrniceguy. I will take your advice and see GP if I can. Pain has now spread under my foot. Bit of a bummer - glad I wasn't planning on entering the Olympics this year! 😭


I'm sorry to hear that the pain has spread further beneath the foot. It may be worth trying to visit a drop in centre if you're unable to get to the doctors during working hours. Even if it turns out be a metatarsal fracture, with 6 weeks healing time, you should still make the Athletics Championships in the summer.

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Hi MrNiceGuy, made it to doc's today and he thinks I've ripped the tendons due to my downhill runs on Sunday (there was me thinking i was sensible because i walked up the hills!) So have ibuprofen gel and advised to look online for foot strengthening exercises. Thank you for your advice and for replying to my post. Oh and I don't think I'll make it to the Athletics Championships this year, washing my hair this summer! Lots of hair! 💇


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