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Why does running make me feel this way?

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Running is a love/hate relationship to me, why do we stick with it? I started as I wanted to get fitter, healthier and possibly lose a bit of fat on the side (not that I have lost any lbs lol). That was August last year, graduating in October with 5k. I was lost with what to do but kept going out twice a week. If I missed going out I would feel huge guilt. If I didn't get time due to life/kids needs I would feel frustrated. In between my run days I would plan routes to try to get up to 10k. I would feel excited at a new route to try the next run but boy do I feel anticipational anxiety on the morning until I have stepped out of the door. My first 5-10mins of my run are full of gremlins shouting 'what are you doing', you'll never do this', 'turn around and go home'! After then the gremlins subside and I am OK with it and enjoying the view. Until any twinges which take some mantras to keep going. Getting to the end of my run feels tiring but hey I feel great. I have achieved and accomplished, what a feeling! It feels great all day and I relax. Looking forward to my next run, I start planning what is next. And so the cycle begins again. Until injury strikes and I feel so frustrated that I cannot run. I see runners everywhere whilst I hobble about. The guilt is huge that I may not get back to running or that I will lose the 10k I have done. When do I get out again? I don't want to try to early and put myself on the couch again or feel the injury again. But if I don't get out will I lose my fitness? I don't know why running makes all these emotions? Why it is in my mind a lot? I don't think I am great at it or obsessed with it. Does running do this to you to?

9 Replies
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You missed out reading other peoples posts about running when you get a quiet minute and thinking about and writing your own.😄

Running...because you can😆xxx

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Ha, yes I like reading other people's posts and often sneak on In a quiet moment too lol.

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I could pretty much have written that myself Hidden . I fear it just before going out. I love it once I'm done and for the rest of the day. And during it I hate it for a bit then love it for a bit then hate it for a bit then love it for a bit and so it goes on!

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I am so glad it isn't just me that loves/hates running! I wonder what motivates us to carry on?

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I have thought most of those thoughts at least 100 times each! :) Funnily enough, the self doubt has crept in most since graduation as the positivity through the programme (because of the forum) was remarkable. Keeps us on our toes, this running lark, doesn't it?! :)

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I hate it from start to finish, but it's great feeling when done

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Lol that is so funny! Yet we go out again and again so the post run euphoria must be addictive!!

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hi hdoyle, I could have wrote your post I feel exactly the same it is amazing the grip this running lark has on you but hey it does feel good at the end of a run.

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Same here. I hate the run, I hate the first 10 minutes of running. I mentally wrestle during that 10 minutes ; ‘Go home, this is hard/Maybe shorten the run/it’s raining you eejit, it’s hurting your knee and look how out of breath you are’.

After 10 minutes it’s: ‘this is not so bad’. After 20 minutes it’s: ‘well you’ve got this far, might as well keep going’

The best bit is the shower when I get home! One day, I hope, we can look forward to running! 😁

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