Laine-W looking for W1R1 tips + advice

I'm just about to embark on c25k- W1R1 tomorrow in the Worcestershire countryside.. No idea what I'm letting myself in for - definitely couldn't be described as a runner but hope to make up for my lack of skill (and fitness) with bundles of enthusiasm. Any helpful hints of gems of motivational encouragement greatly appreciated.


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  • Hello plenty of inspirational posts here to you occupied 😊

    Just take things very slowly. Have fun ☺

  • Hi I am brand new to this too, I did my first run two days ago and it was hard! I am so unfit but determined to do it. Hope it goes well and you have fun!

  • Thanks - good luck to you too. Have you done W1R2 yet? Was it any easier?

  • I did W1R2 yesterday! I really thought I would fail; my legs were like lead!! In fact it really WAS easier once I started, I was shocked how much better my breathing was, at least partly because I have read so many 'slow down' comments on here! Hope it's the same for you :)

  • I hope so.tok 😀 Well done you. Let's bothpersevere keep it up .

  • Definitely, I am doing W1R3 tomorrow and even quite looking forward to it!

  • All you need to start, really all you need, is the will to get out of the door and actually start following the programme. It is so finely put together that it will take you step by step until you ARE a runner! There are hundreds of posts which contain the words "if I can, anyone can" and that is so true. Take it SLOW. Believe me, you will amaze yourself! 😊

  • Go for it! Just keep reminding yourself, there is no such thing as too slow :) . C25k is not about speed, it is about stamina. There is no requirement to kill yourself with speed, so if you are running so hard you feel you can't go on at any point, SLOW DOWN! Really, really slow down! (Being passed by dog-walkers, is not unheard of.)

    Most of all though, trust the program. I thought I was going to die after W1R1, but 9 weeks later, there I was running for a solid 30 mins and 18 months later I had completed my first half marathon. Getting out for the first run is a big hurdle. By the time you have completed your second, you will be well on the way to getting hooked.

    Check you your local parkrun, too. You should find many people there willing to encourage you on your C25k journey. Welcome on board!

  • Just to add to the key 'slow' message - think 'running motion'... so if you are getting desperate, take smaller steps, even to the point of running on the spot if Laura seems a bit late with the stopwatch. Another tip is perhaps not to overdo the 'brisk' element of the walking.

    I was someone for whom Week 1 took a while. Many people crack it first time (however hard it is) and most very quickly. But if you do find yourself absolutely having to stop the running motion in a run segment, you might find my strategy helpful... I would walk the rest of the podcast at that point. I then had a very clear marker of where I was up to so that I always knew I was moving forwards (or at least sustaining progress) even though I wasn't yet able to complete the whole session.

  • Hi I'm in Worcester and haven't been on here for ages. I started the c25k maybe a year or more ago and again a few months ago. I really want to give it a go but I think I might have been trying to go too fast although that sounds ridiculous if you see me out. But I like the advice of going slow I've been told that before.

    If you want to meet to try this out together let me know.

  • Lovely offer Gaynor, thanks. I did the first one today and slowing down even slower than slow was the only thing that got me through the final set. Think I need to build up ability, stamina and confidence before I inflict myself on anyone else

  • Welcome to C25k! Following the programme is one of the best decisions you will ever make! Enthusiasm is all you need and even if you didn't have it initially it's very catching! Like you, so many of us here had never run before we started the programme. I would have rather waited an hour for another bus than break into a jog to catch one! The very thought of running filled me with dread and I used the excuse that I just wasn't the exercising type. Now, like so many others, I couldn't imaging my life without running! Stick with the programme and I promise it will be worth it!

    My advice would be go slow (seriously, make a conscious effort to slow down and then slow down even more!), stretch, take your rest days religiously and listen to Laura. You'll be a runner before you know it!

    This forum really is the best place on the internet and is full of the most amazing, inspirational people. Nearly everyone here started where you are having never run before and so many of us now love running. The programme isn't for those naturally athletic, sporty types, it is for real beginners who have come straight from the couch (often having been there for years and years). I NEVER would have envisaged myself running 5k, let alone enjoying it! The forum folk here absolutely got me through the programme. Post after your runs for advice, encouragement and motivation and to let us celebrate your successes with you. We will be with you every step of the way! :)

  • Cheers Melly4012 - the advice to slow down then slow down again was so valid on that final set .... other only thing that got me to that final finish.

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