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So hard to count to three!

Park run 2 complete and without my daughters company. After two days of hard frost and ice the weather was an improvement; the foggy, grey, drizzle seemed reasonably attractive. The course is only three and a bit laps around the park but I still lose count! How can it be so difficult to count to three? I must devise a strategy so I know how many times I have run the circuit, relying on how much my legs ache doesn't seem to be the best way. I hasten to add, comparing time taken with my usual pace etc, I definitely did the 5k.

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Isn't it just?! The one I did last week had 3 laps, so I know exactly what you mean.

As your legs ache less your strategy will be totally unreliable!! 😉


I did my 4th today and that is also three and a bit laps round a park (Luton). It is strange how difficult it is to count the laps, and we have a hill included, which once you have to do 4 times then finish at the top. My brain plays tricks on me, and I have to think hard to make sure I don't end up doing an extra lap. 🏃🏽‍♀️


Maybe you need a routine. Like first lap look at who the marshal is, second lap yell out a thank you to them, third lap wave and run past?


Good idea!


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