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Hi Everyone,

I've finally moved back to Italy since last week; all boxes have been unpacked, all paperwork is on its way through the Italian bureaucracy and I've even had time to check a couple of potential locations for the new parkrun event I'd like to organise.

I was supposed to begin my new job this Thursday but, for fiscal reasons, my prospect boss decided to postpone the starting date to the beginning of the new year... so now I have an additional month of "vacation" to enjoy the local winter's rigour: about 7°C at night and 13-17°C during the day; that's what people here call "cold"... XD

What's happened here? What have I missed?

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12 Replies

  • Ciao Sevario !

    How lovely to see you on here again !

    I'm glad your move went well and wish you all the very best on your new journey .

    Take care and happy running to you :-) xxx

  • Hiya! Lovely to hear from you again! Hope your move went well. You're hoping to set up a Parkrun? How fab! Good luck with that, welcome home to the forum xx

  • Welcome back. A month off work how fab, opportunity X there for some lovely running in lovely weather :-)

  • Well... actually this would be the sixth month off work, since I was made redundant at the end of June; hopefully it will be the last too. ;)

  • Secan.... it is so wonderful that you are back with us!

    A month's vacation in the relative warmth.. park runs to organise.. wow! Lucky you.

    Here? Newbies, old friends ( some of us older than others), some gone for while... but all still on our running journeys!

    I am now, a Grammy Floss, with a brand new granddaughter... trainee runner :)

    Have been nursing broken ribs, using my cross trainer to stay fit. and about about to head out tomorrow for a trail run... 5 wks on :) It will be a slow climb back up to my 7K , Secan!

    All the chums are doing amazing things, running half marathons, and beyond, park runs and all manner of things, poppypug , aliboo70 , misswobble Irishprincess to name but a few of the many friends out there...and everyone like Realfoodieclub and ju-ju- and poppypug keeping us in order, supporting us and watch over us... as ever...:)

    It is great that you are home in Italy and all set on a new adventure..please keep posting.. we miss you :)

    Massive hug.. from this old Grey Snail... xxx

  • A new granddaughter, that's a wonderful news! Congratulations! :)

    Broken ribs sound pretty unpleasant, to use an euphemism, but you are a veteran now and you know the drill: nice and easy, and you'll be back to 7km and beyond.

  • Hi Secan - great to hear you are settled.

    Your weather sounds like bliss - we've had a few really frosty mornings and everyone is digging out the hats, gloves and buffs.

    Fantastic that you are thinking of starting up parkrun.

    Try to enjoy your enforced idleness - you'll look back fondly on it once you get stuck in to the new job.

    Happy running!

  • Hi Secan lovely to hear from you. Enjoy your prolonged vacation. Let us know how you get on with setting up your Parkrun. Who knows, perhaps we can all come and be Parkrun tourists one day :)

  • Good to hear from you! Enjoy your unplanned extra vacation time, it all sounds lively. Have you been running? I had to start the programme again and I just finished W5R3 with Laura. Been inactive on the forum due to work but trying to be more active now because I've missed my running family! :)

  • Yes, I've been running although not regularly... and I am going to repeat the programme (from W3) too in order to support my mother, who is giving it a go.

  • How lovely for your Mum to be able to run with her boy!

  • Nice to see you back secan,great that you are going to organise a parkrun!brilliant!

    I've done gosport HM on 2Oth Nov had a bit of a rest and noe we have another race here on 11th Dec called chilly hilly coming up.

    Glad all is going well for you,enjoy your extra month x

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