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Wk2D1 - Run complete but pain in shin?

Hi Everyone,

I am an overweight, 21 year old who wants to lose weight, get fit and learn to enjoy running. I find that when I have had a bad day that going for a run has really helped clear my mind and sticking with the C25K app, I really couldn't recommend it to my family and friends enough but today I started my week 2 day 1 run and it was going fine. I've bought some new running trainers and wouldn't to try them out. The terrain around where I run is flat, uphill and downhill which I enjoy even though I get out of breath pretty quickly. After looking at some of the posts on the forum, I decided to run for the distance not the sped and that has helped me to start controlling my breathing and not ending the run earlier. I completed the week 2 day 1 run today but half way through I had a pain in my shin, I carried on and when I got home did my usual stretches but the pain was still there inside aching and when I touched the skin it felt like I had a bruise. I put some ice on the area and sat down for a while and after two hours the pain has slowly subsided unless I bump it or sit down heavily. Does anyone have any advice as I don't want to stop my runs as I have been enjoying them. My next run is not until Tuesday or Wednesday now but any advice would be much appreciated as the pain has scared me a little! Thank you and I hope you are all enjoying your runs X :)

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You probably need to get your gait sorted. Stores like Decathlon will do that for free.

Well done for getting out there and good luck.


Well done for getting to Week 2! You're right, C25k is just brilliant, isn't it? Have you had a gait analysis? I can't recommend it enough as it will make sure you have the right shoes for your running style and can really avoid injury. You could be having shin pain/shin splints which can potentially also come on from running on hills. Are you having your rest days? They are really important and if you need two rest days between runs to recover from any aches or pains, that's ok.

Of course, the only medical advice I can give is to rest up for a couple of days (if there is a problem then running on an injury will make it worse) and to see a doctor if it doesn't ease up in a few days. Well suited shoes and running on flat ground might help it from coming on again though.


When I first started I was plagued by shin splints. I read many articles that recommended weeks of rest, but we all know that probably means give up. The question really is it 'uncomfortable' or 'painful'. If it is painful then rest and yes check your gait/shoes. If its uncomfortable, slow down and press on. Great you are stretching, that makes a massive difference


Why not wear the shoes? I don't understand

You did right to get the ice on your shin!

C25k only needs doing very slowly. we can't emphasise this enough. Slowly slowly means you will have enough puff to finish the session.

Us new to exercise do get niggles! it is our body protesting at the new levels of exertion. mostly it's nuisance value and the niggles disappear as we get fitter through continued jogs

Hopefully after your rest you will be good to go. do carry on with the ice as much as poss. wear those new running shoes ! good luck ☺ Go SLOWLY!


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