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Useful article on calf pain injuries

Hello Everyone,

So it's been a little over a week since I was relegated to the IC after completing Wk7 with calf pain in one leg and ankle pain in the other and am feeling much better - actually missing running! Am gonna give it another few days rest before I slowly return to the programme and while recuperating, came across this article, which I found very helpful and thought I would share. Apols if it's featured here before:

I'll be making sure to incoporate a lot more pre and post run stretching and also aim to get a gait analysis - and starting to save for the inevitability of needing new running shoes! Thank you to everyone for their advice on my previous post!

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Oh no, poor you! I had about a week out at a similar stage in the programme with some knee pain and a couple of months off not long after graduating. There's nothing more frustrating than being on the IC!

I totally agree - a gait analysis is crucial at this stage in the programme (my injury came about from wearing naff running shoes). Running shoes which work for your running style really do make a world of difference! I am a massive advocate of pre and post run stretches too. I live in high heels so stretches really helped my calves throughout the programme and are helping to stop my tendon injury from recurring. Always remember that you can take two rest days between runs if you need - at that stage in the programme I was needing two rest days to make sure any niggles or aches had disappeared. You shouldn't have lost much fitness in a week so see how you go where you left off and just be prepared not to push yourself too hard on your return. Hope you're back to it soon. )

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Glad you're feeling better and thanks for posting the link.

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