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Speed run!! 😂

This morning I set off on Week 3 run iPhone malfunction caused a bit of an issue! I didn't realise that you could change the speed that the podcast plays...

Yep, run 3 seemed a bit strange, Laura seemed to be a little manic and speaking very quickly! Then it was the end and felt like I'd barely got going....after investigating and finding the other podcasts had the same problem I finally realised that it was on 2.5 x the normal speed!

Sorted that and decided to continue on week 4 run 1. Loved it - felt challenging but not impossible. 😂

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Well done. It's great the sense of achievement apart from anything else. Usually find technology can let me down. Fortunately my legs don't.

C25K best thing I've done. Only wish had started earlier.

Let us all know how you progress.

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You may have hit on a brilliant way to make all the runs SO much easier 😂😂😂


Haha, I had no idea that could happen! Laura is so calm and collected I can't imagine her manic. Well done on getting through the next run though!

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It was a bit mad!

Discovered that you can slow it right down too so Laura spoke really sloooowly!!!


Haha how lucky that it didn't go that way by accident - you'd have reached 5k by running the longest 3 minutes in the world!!


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