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Week 2 run 3 and the knee

I did the third run of week 2 after a four day hiatus to let my right leg to cool down it was quite arduous after that long while. Before the run I went to see a doctor and was sent for an ultrasound. Turns out there was some fluid collecting in both the knee and the ankle which I was told was arthritis like symptoms. Did not get direction on whether to keep running but the doc said that my weight of 110kg would naturally exert a lot of pressure on my legs.

I will also look out to get knee supports and see how that goes as well as more stretching. Any advice from those ahead would be very helpful. :)

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I think you should check with your doctor specifically on running as it may be too much for your knees. Remember not to stretch before a run. I hope you will be able to continue with the programme.

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I hope so too.thanks


Yes , I would definitely take advice from your Doctor regarding running.

I really wish you all the best for the future and hope it all works out well for you xxx


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