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Snail's Pace to 5k

I began the regime 9 weeks ago and have completed week 9 run one today. I have always taken it very slowly allowing a few seconds burst of energy at the finish! I am 65 years old and my only regret is not having started running earlier in my life. For anyone out there just starting keep going it is free, can be easily be slotted into your life schedule, and is a great overall boost to your confidence and health. Good luck to everyone!!!!!!

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Well done scrumpingapples and enjoy the rest of week 9. Like you, I take it slowly but am gradually getting slightly less slow :-) Being slow seems good advice anyway but starting running at 63 made it seem extra good. You are so right about the benefits of running, and I'd add general mood to the list, too. I do like your user name :-)


Well done, and well said! x


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