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endometriosis slowing me down!

I have exhaustion and tend to sleep for an extra two hours for two days prior then its the pain from day one until the day after it has stopped. I have three different prescription drugs and several heat pads and bigger clothes to accommodate swelling. I haven't run since last Tuesday, so 8 days ago, just because of my period. I went a bit off track last week and ended up doing 5.5K in 39 mins in a mixture of running and walking that didn't really fit with the time point but ran for 12 mins without stopping, Im at the point where its 8 mins of running so I have overtaken myself... and then this week happens and slows me down. I try walking instead but to be honest it just makes me sleepy... any tips? I am thinking of speaking to my GP again as well.

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I think your right to have a chat with your gp. They hopefully will be able to work out what's best for you with their specialist knowledge and help keep you running through that difficult time. Good luck.


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