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Going on to week 4... Go me!

Hello all!

I just finished Week 3 and I'm very proud of myself. I didn't stop during the 3 minute jog. I did slow down a bit, but I never stopped. I'm giving myself a pat on the back.

I should be starting Week 4 tomorrow. The 5 minute jog makes me nervous, but I'm fairly certain I can do it. Just gotta slow down. Does anyone have any other tips for Week 4?

During Week 3, one of my knees got a little sore and tender to the touch. I took a couple days off and it got better. Someone suggested that it was just my knee getting used to the running, but I wanna be safe. Should I invest in a knee brace? I would hate to get better at this jogging just to have my knee give out.

Here goes Week 4. Woohoo!

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Slow is the way ! It is the new, fast!

Go you.. well done... focus on how far you have come and not how far to go ! :)


Go you, week 4 👏


Not sure about knee maybe see how you go with the longer intervals or pick up a knee support in sports shop for reassurance .

I'm at week 8 every increase I thought I cant it won't happen I started to believe in myself , I think a lot about the people on here and it gets me through.

As I've done look back and stalk a few of the graduates earlier posts to help convince yourself you can do this 😉🏃

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