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Getting off the treadmill

Having graduated in Sept running on a treadmill, I decided to start running outside. Then I got an awful cold and cough which put me out of action for a couple of weeks. So last week I went back to week 5, running outside, and managed 20 minutes continuous running today. It is definitely more interesting outside but I'm not liking hills! Thanks very much for the advice on here about taking small steps. I felt like I was running on the spot for a while, but made it to the top eventually! I even ran up another hill after my 20 minutes were up just to see if I could do it (and I did, very slowly). One question though: I'm running on a path through an area planted with trees, popular with dog walkers. Why do some put the dog poo in plastic bags, then leave the plastic bags on the path or grass? Bonkers!

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Well done for getting out there. I too did the program firstly on a treadmill then when it came to run outdoor I could only manage about 10 minutes. You are doing the right thing :-) - it's lovely to run outdoors. Early mornings when nobody is up in summer is fabulous. O hate hills too - and always have to do one on my run from the house - I dread it but keep at them because they definitely make you fitter and you will be running up them no problem soon enough :-)

Some dog owners are such mucky bleeders! It really gripes me off! I love dogs but some owners are just lazy :-(

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I know what you mean about dog walkers. There is no need for it. I'm lucky so far that the lake I run around has appropriate bins and park keeper and isn't too bad. The worst are those that do not pick up at all !

I have to face my hill again tomorrow, if you can call it that ? (only about 200 to 300 metres) to and from lake I run. I plan to extend my time and run a bit further up each week.

Well done for facing up to the great outdoors. I'm not sure I could cope with a treadmill. But whatever works is all worthwhile.


Hills are tough but make great goals. And there is no shame in walking the steep ones - sometimes it's faster than running them.

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