Couch to 5K

Reached 10k today

Got up later than usual , but I was determined to go for my usual run . Today I thought I'd go for it . And added more distance to my route it added yet another hill but I did it . Didn't use the 10 k app as I thought I seem to be walking where I feel I need to , rather than cued even so it was only about 15 steps usually uphill . I've been gradually building up my distance over the past few Weeks , I need to do a few more at this distance so I can manage the Windsor 10k at the end of September , it is different running with others . And it's not a race it's running for fun so I hope I find it so , I find my knees ache a bit after road running and wonder if it's the trainers . Have been meaning to go to the nearest fair analysis shop at Woking to see if different running shoes will help ,

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Should of read gait analysis predictive text


Well done on your 10k! I really like 10k as a distance and always look forward to my 10k runs. I am sure you will be more than ready for your race at the end of September. Do you also post on the Bridge to 10k forum? Quite a few of us from here, do.🙂

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Is the forum on health unlocked for bridge to 10k I found a page on Facebook


Yep, it's another Health Unlocked forum. Think there is a Facebook site too but I'm not on Facebook!


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