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Tight calves for first time??

So back in May/June I got to W7R2 without tooo much difficulty - a repreated week or two and a few stitches, but no muscle problems. Then my exams finished and predictably I didn't manage to run much until late July. I started again two weeks ago on W6R1 and managed it on my second try, it was hard but not too punishing. Then I went on holiday for a week, during which I did probably a 400m pretty much sheer climb up a cliff path in 30 degree heat, with heatstroke, it was awful.

So I started back at W6R2 on Friday when I got back, and Sunday I tried it again. Both times I got incredibly tight and painful calf muscles after a few minutes. Why is this? Has my cardio just managed the break while my muscles haven't? Or does it sound like I did myself some damage on the climb? And does anyone have any advice on combatting it? When I go out tomorrow I'm going to make extra sure I do plenty of stretching and see if that helps.

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I graduated from C25K and then got to 10k when I had a tightness in my calves when running. It was painful and so I started to walk every time it happened which reduced the pain but not the tightness. I never identified what causes it. I ran three times every week, I did strength and flex exercises on rest days too. I didn't feel it was an injury that meant I needed to stop running and after about a month it diminished and went. There are some exercises to focus on the calf muscles - take a look on You Tube


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