Dad's Army

Dad's Army

Turn up for parade with Red Shoes, Orange Shirt and Black joggers, I thought I was the bee's knees. Captain Mainwaring was not impressed, don't think I will be getting promotion any time soon. Week 6, run 1, went ok,felt good. Run 2, found that hard, but manage to finish. Run 3, good run, awesome, felt like a runner, big smile on my face. I think I am hooked, how did that happen. Thank you everyone for posting, this site certainly helps me.

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  • Way to go @Dad's Army! Orange is the new black you know ;) Run 3 of week 6 is amazing isn't it? I bet you have that massive grin on. Week seven, more of the same and you're going to ace it! :)

  • End of week 6 is a great place to be.Now Laura has told you that you are a runner if you are using the podcasts. I can remember the feeling, the grin on my face and the tears in my eyes! Enjoy it you are so far into the programme now.☺

  • Wow! Smart or what!

    Well done to get R3 under your belt. It's all about consolidation from here on

    Yes, you definitely are a runner now!

  • Lovely running gear , fantastic !

    Well done to you, its all straight runs now to Graduation .

    Onwards soldier ! :-) xxx

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