Couch to 5K

Nearly 5k

Changed it completely by going for a run after work yesterday instead of the early morning. I also went back to my old route and actually ran past the half way point to those farm buildings in the distance that I was aiming for all that time ago. The wind was against me on the way back so it was a combination of walk/run (mostly walking!). 4.67km in 50 minutes according to Runkeeper, but 4.47 in 47.59 with my Forerunner 10 because the GPS didn't kick in until I was well into my 5 minute warm up. That will teach me not to put it outside while I get ready. :)

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Have read somewhere on here that the phone app is less accurate but well done anyway for keeping going for that time!


Sounds like a good run. Yesterday was really blustery wasn't it? Makes running hard!


You're right, you are getting close to that 5k! It must feel great to reach a point you were aiming for at the beginning and remember just how far you've come. :)


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