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When I reply to a post in this forum and the 10K forum, it takes some little time to type out what I want to say - and then , when I try to send the reply, often I get a pink band show up at the top of the page and the reply will not go out. I have to copy my words , shut the page down and go back into the relevant 5 or 10K forum, find the post I want to respond to, select it and paste the copied words into a reply box, hit "send" and then it goes. It almost seems like I am exceeding some kind of "timeout" - however some replies are quite short and even then, sometimes this also happens - just a bit annoying!! :(

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Not sure what going on with that, I know sometimes the site goes through hiccups and I've had trouble posting but it's never for too long. I think the question is more for tech support than admin as we are basically the same as you, we virtually access the site from outside and use it the same way you do. If you click on the magnifier in the top right hand side there is a support page and you can put a query into support, they have the technical knowledge to answer your question.

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OK - thanks


I am a member on a couple of Forums that do time one out rather quickly. What I do now is have Word open also, I type my contribution in that at my leisure, then copy and paste to the Forum. If you are still having the problem above maybe this will help ? 🙂


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