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Stretching :O)

Got back from my 23km sunday morning run feeling a bit tired. It's rather warm and sunny here at the moment, and that is not ideal for pale folk like me. Anyway, I wasn't feeling especially hungry so I just had a glass of milk and then some fromage blanc with raspberry jam mixed in. I then spent some time sitting in front of the computer playing a game. My legs and arms and back were starting to ache so I decided to lie down for a little while. It was then that I discovered something, which was a rather pleasant surprise! Lying on my back, I just happened to raise my arms behind my head, then bend my knees so that my heels were touching my bum. The aches started to disappear! I realized this was similar to the stretches that I do always after a run. So I tried a few of the other stretches that I knew, and all of them made me feel better! I'm now sitting in front of the computer again, and all of the aches have gone away :)

Now this is something I've never noticed before. I never stretch before I run, just a 5 min warm up walk, ever since beginning C25K. But after a run I always do the stretches I learnt from Laura in the Strength and Flex podcasts. I know that stretching after a run has made me much more flexible, I notice that every time I do it, but they don't make me feel any different. I had no idea that doing stretches a bit later, when the aches start to set in would make the aches go away. This is delightful news :) Has anyone else noticed this. Or maybe everyone else already knows about it, and as usual I'm the last one to catch on !

Happy running, running chums :)

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I will try it out. I did some rolling with a muscle rolling pin device late in the evening after my run on Friday and I felt it helped. Interesting idea.


That's really interesting Zev. So, how long after your run did you stretch? I mostly drive to a run route so it takes me about 10-15 minutes to get home and start stretching. Perhaps I need to wait a bit longer. Mind you, I'm not running 23K! That's a brilliant distance. Are you building up to anything in particular or are you just doing a Forrest Gump? Haha!

Btw, have you made the chocolate milk yet and if so how are you finding it?


Hi IP it was one or two hours after my run that the aches started to set in. So I decided to do lie on the sofa for a bit. While I was lying there I started stretching without really thinking about it, and noticed it made the aches go away. Back, arms, legs, all felt better. I don't think that it's something to do instead of stretching after a run, but as well as, if you start to get achy later on.

I always stretch after a run immediately after stopping.

I'm not training for anything in particular. I just wanted to see how much I could increase my long weekend run. When I reached HM distance I decided that I would not increase any more for about twelve months. I thought it would be better to consolidate at 23km to see if it gradually became easier and whether my times would improve. That was in May, and so far it seems to be getting a little easier, but my my times vary a lot. It's difficult to judge because the weather is warming up here so that is making it less easy. I'm looking forward to seeing if it becomes easier in the autumn, when the weather cools down a bit :)

I've not tried the chocolate milk yet but I will. I just keep forgetting to buy the cocoa powder !

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That makes sense Zev. I stretch after a run but also every evening and I find I'm always stiff regardless of how far the run was! Must try your method though to see if that makes a difference.


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