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W7 R2 - Back from the Injury Couch

my experience of the Injury Couch was

1. disappointment that I couldn't keep up my rhythm in the programme

2. frustration that I could not get my tri weekly fix of "good feeling" and energy that running gives me.

3. reluctantly leaning from those who have been there that an injury needs to heal before you start again ( I have been given some great advice here from knowledgeable runners which helped prevent me from exacerbating my injury so thank you :-) )

4. listen to your body not the pixies :-)

So todays Run

when I plugged in the Nano I found that weeks 7 and 8 had mysteriously been wiped and I was left with only week 9.

No problem as I thought Laura will call out the 25 Mins and I can stop running then ( at which point the gremlin said " if you get that far" I told the gremlin to "go away" )

I took Bobs advice and started really slow after 5 mins I was in a rhythm and feeling comfortable, 10 mins in breathing pattern easy and rhythmic, 15 mins tricky long hill with a steep bit at the very end so I slowed and chanted away the panic which started to surface, it soon went. 20 laura said I may be feeling tiered, I wasn't :-), 25 mins came and listening to my body I knew I had another 5 mins in me so I kept on running. up shot is I ran for a full 30 mins and let out a whoop of joy when the 30 mins was called !!!

will see what W7 R3 brings.

when I started this back approx. 2 months ago I was so pleased, out of puff sweaty and relieved when Laura called the stop after running a total of 8 mins in 1 minute sections !!! with rests between  over 1/2 an hour !

if you are new or starting this all I can do is encourage you this really works and this forum is a gold mine of useful information which will help you get there.

I now have 7 more runs until I graduate, I am  looking forward to them :-)



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Well done Nick,  must be frustrating on the IC. You clearly handled it in a positive way.


Well done Nick!

I also got relegated to the IC two weeks or so ago after a slight calf strain when doing w7r1, then with a stinking cold.

I was considering going back a week or so given my time off but you sound like you did great despite your break, how long were you on the IC for?

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Jenny I was on IC for two weeks, I was surprised at how well I retained the progress I had made. take it slow and see how you go :-)


That's great, thanks Nick :-)


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