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Half marathon!

Sorry for a bit of a sideways post.

Went down to cheer on a friend in the last mile or so of our local half marathon, just at the end of our road. First time I have really watched any running event and certainly the first time that I've had a proper personal insight into what all these people are achieving.

What an amazing assortment of ages, shapes and sizes! So inspiring. Not saying I'm going to take part, I'll get to 5k first but it really opened my eyes to the fact that anyone, truly anyone, can achieve what they train and focus for.

There were oldies ahead, beside and behind young'uns, there were hefty folk ahead, beside and behind slimmer folk etc.etc.

Thoroughly recommend anyone who is self-doubting and still not feeling 'they are a runner' to go and see a mass of runners!

The only difference is they have trained for the distance and they are taking part... actually... that's just like each of us at each stage of c25k... which means there is no difference! :)

Have a happy day everyone x

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You're doing so well I reckon it won't be long before your friend is cheering you along in a race!

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Lovely post! I had exactly the same thoughts this morning as I watched a 15/21 mile race go past my house.😀 We are all of us on a journey I guess. It's working out where you want to go with it that is the fun bit. I am currently up to 10k and have a couple of races comimg up - one road, one hilly trail. Think I might be a trail person but only time will tell!

Good luck with your running.


The half marathon is a great event and distance - achievable, but a proper challenge, and it makes for a great occasion to be part of. I was coming to the end of C25K this time last year, and I never imagined I'd be able to run a half marathon, but I showed myself I could manage 10k, and raised my bar. I ran the Oxford Half in October, and did my second HM event today - the North London Half, finishing inside Wembley Stadium.

I'm glad you were struck by the spectacle of a half - imagine being in the middle of it!!

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