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It occurred to me on the way home that the app I use to track my running might do more than I think. And lo and behold it's not as good as Saul's but it does show me in little graphs how fast I was running. So statistic loving me has just had a browse through the last weeks and made a few comparisons. The blocks of 5 minutes were faster than the 8 minute runs. And I did indeed speed up in the last minutes of the 8 minute runs, with the second 8 minutes being faster than the first. And I was running. Not fast, peaking at 9.2 km per hour this morning (9.5 on the 5 minute runs earlier this week), but still a darned sight faster than walking.

But first I have to build up stamina and get through W5R3. Looking forward to it now. Will provide more statistics to play with!

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  • Don't get to hung upon the stats , they are really good to have but we can get blinkered by them sometimes.

    Sounds like you are doing just fine Jay , keep doing what you are doing :)

  • You're right and I do tend to get hung up on statistics and like to see progress. Then when life gets in the way and there's no improvement I get disheartened and lose it. This time it feels a bit different. I really am enjoying every run and seeing real progress. I've been "running" on and off without much structure for years - getting worse instead of better. Ten years ago I could run 10k - very slowly. 15 months ago I was lucky to be able to run 2 minutes So I've set the reset button.

  • That is the main thing to enjoy what you do :)

    I agree about seeing progress and also feeling it too if that makes sense :)

  • C25k doesn't need speed, but just to do the programme as per Laura, stats are unessacary, but well done! Good work...

  • I'm the same! As soon as I get in from my plod, I write up the stats which are stuck to my fridge!

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