Any tips for staying healthy over Christmas?

Any tips for staying healthy over Christmas?

I read that the average person puts on 5 lbs over the holidays. I do not want to do that as I have at least another 14 lbs to go to reach my goal. I am not eating anything without calorie counting it and sticking to that except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. But hat has meant saying no to mince pies, chocolate and crisps as usual - looking forward to a couple of naughty days!! Running days all planned including a Boxing Day parkrun and going for walks on rest days. Any top tips to share?? Julie


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  • Booze, sugary everything and inactivity are the reason most people put on weight at Christmas, I would wager. Minimise intake of the former and maximise the latter and you'll be fine. Conatant all day grazing of crisps and Quality Street and cake and stuff is pretty standard activity for most families. But you dont have to cram 5000 calories down your throat to enjoy Christmas.

  • I would say the bulk of the calories is from all the extras. If you have your breakfast and Christmas lunch you shouldn't be on too many extra calories than a normal day.

    Its the hand dipping into the tubs of sweets that does the damage. Stay away from the tubs of sweets.

    Any running is always better than no running.

  • I will get a bowl and put my chocolate allowance in there so I can see it going down, good tip about the tubs

  • Oh the old good NHS has thought it all before! There is even advice about safe festive sex, just under "Keep calm at Christmas" and above "Exercising in winter" :-)

  • Very funny. I now have all the information I could need (perhaps even too much information)!! Want to reach my goals in 2016, have some fun in between but with some limits

  • I find the snacks swapping suggestions quite good apart from the idea of replacing trifle with satsumas? Eh? As if...

  • Ha ha , its a really good article , but I had to laugh at that !

    I do it all the time - Said. No one. Ever. :-D xxx

  • I have bought all the treats and will avoid baking extras, we have more than enough already

  • I find it helps to run before a mealtime. I never want to eat as much when I am feeling virtuous having just got back in from a run... And as everyone says, just avoid the snacks!

  • I find Im the exact opposite ! If it aint nailed down Im having it :-) xxx

  • right with you on that. LOL

  • I prefer to have limits because otherwise it will be total loss of control and I have come too far to slip back now. If you can indulge for a week, then enjoy it xx

  • I think a couple of days of 'anything goes' as a treat but avoid making / buying too much as then you feel obliged to eat it! If you're unsure you're making enough then do more veg and use the leftover for dry fry bubble and squeak with a dry fry egg on top. It's lovely โ˜บ

    My mum also uses low fat yoghurt instead of cream for making the leftover turkey and ham pie and limit the pastry to the top!

  • All three of my children have succumbed to Norovirus or some similar D&V bug in the last 48 hrs. I have not yet, but can only be a matter of time as all i have done around teh clock is mop up 'matter'. I may well lose weight over Christmas.

  • I am careful! I plan ahead. Just buy one small box of celebrations and only get them out when my family descends, that way i won't get a look in. I have made my own WW cranberry and port mincemeat my own sausage balls, three quarters of my cake is going to my sis and niece to ensure I can't do too much damage. I made some WW Christmas puds too, which I've made before and they are much lighter but way tasty. I don't eat biccies or crisps or salty snacks stuff. There are plenty of healthy eats at Christmas so make the most of those โ˜บ I don't ever want to go back to where I was and have learned how to make sure I don't. If you really want crisps etc, just have a few of someone else's

    My WW leader always says "beware of the beige buffet" ๐Ÿ˜

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